• Improved energy efficiency.
  • A more reliable system.
  • Increase the lifespan of your system.
  • Reduced chance of a breakdown.
  • Hotter radiators.
  • Radiators will heat up quicker.
  • Quieter boiler and radiators.
  • Higher hot water temperatures.


The Benefits of having your Heating System Powerflushed

Understanding and preventing corrosion in a central heating system will ensure that the system is operating at its most efficient and will prevent serious damage to the equipment in the system or the property itself arising from leaks.

The diagram below illustrates how corrosion can affect your central heating system and boiler.

We use the Kamco CF40 Powerflushing machine along with CombiMag Powerflushing filter for this process. This guarantees a thorough and effective cleanse of all radiators, pipework, hot water cylinder coil and boiler heat exchanger.

An Adey cleaning chemical is added to the system water. This starts to break down system debris which in turn, are flushed around the system and become attached to the powerful magnet inside the Combimag filter.

 The CF40 is a powerful pump which is connected onto your heating system. This forces water through radiators and pipework at high velocity. This flow of water is reversed frequently during the flush to loosen any stubborn deposits. An agitator is also used which creates vibrations on each radiator causing further loosening of contaminants.

ProGas | Kamco Powerflush machine & Kamco combimag
ProGas | Kamco Powerflush machine & Kamco combimag


This video demostrates the build up of sludge that can occur in a central heating system overtime. 

A powerflush will clean this through leaving your system more efficient leading to cheaper gas bills.